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INTRODUCTION The purpose of the present investigation has been to study the behavior of symmetrically welded connections having different weld configurations. As shown in Fig. la, the specimens were fabricated by butting two plates (CP) which were connected by welding cover plates AB and CD on two sides of CP. The fabricator supplied different types of welded connection specimens, sketched in Figs. la to If. A total of 115 specimens were tested in tension under monotonically increasing static load. Basic variables considered in the design were: (a) thickness and the shape of the cover plates, and (b) weld size and its configuration. The cover plates were either flat sheet steel or channel sections. Three different thicknesses considered for the cover plates were 12 gage (0.108 inch), 18 gage (0.051 inch) galvanized ASTM A446 Grade A steel, and 28 gage (0.018 inch) galvanized ASTM A446 Grade E steel. Two basic weld configurations investigated were: (a) Puddle Welds, and (b) Fillet Welds. Varying the cover plate and weld configurations, 35 different types of connection specimens were fabricated for the present investigation. Most of the specimens had two 7/16" thick hot rolled plates CP, which were not considered as variables in the design of connection specimens. These plates were given a red oxide primer coat before welding cover plates on it. The connected plates (CP) were stronger than the cover plates, AB and CD, hence the connection failure was expected to be in the weld or in the cover plates. Therefore, in the subsequent discussion, plate failure will imply cover plate failure. Other researchers had indicated that it is difficult to weld a galvanized steel plate; therefore in this investigation, galvanized steel cover plates were used instead of regular painted steel. However, no weld defects were observed in the connection specimens.


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Oct 1971

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