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PREFACE The research work on automotive components conducted at the University of Missouri-Rolla under the sponsorship of the American Iron and Steel Institute began in 1982. During the first six years, studies were made on the basis of static loading. Since May 1988, studies have been concentrated on the effect of strain rate on material properties and the structural strength of cold-formed steel members along with the behavior of hybrid members. The research findings for the period from 1988 through 1997 are summarized in this report. Special thanks are expressed to General Motors Corporation (Dr M. Y. Sheh, Mr. B. C.Schell, and Mr. P. H. Tran) for conducting the drop tower tests of stub columns in 1992. The financial assistance granted by the Institute and the technical guidance provided by members of the AISI Task Force on Automotive Structural Design of the AISI Automotive Applications Committee and the AISI staff (Dr. SJ. Errera, Dr. A.L. Johnson, and Mr. D.C. Martin) are gratefully acknowledged. Members of the Task Force are: Messrs. E.C. Oren, Chairperson; G.A. Beecher; J. Borchelt; T.B. Kahlil; R.W. Lautensleger; H.F. Mahmood; D. Malen; M.Y. Sheh; and M.T. Vecchio. Former members of the Task Force included Messrs. F.L. Cheng; S.J. Errera; C. Haddad; C.W. Kim; K.H. Lin; J.N. Macadam; J.F. McDermott; J.G. Schroth; T.N. Seel; and R. Stevenson. An expression of thanks is also due to Mr. S.L. Caswell of National Steel Corporation and Mr. J.D. Grozier of LTV Steel Company for their help. All materials used in the experimental study were donated by LTV Steel Company, Inland Steel Company, and National Steel Corporation. Appreciation is also expressed to Drs. C. Santaputra, M.B. Parks, L.C. Pan, M. Kassar, C.L. Pan, and S. Wu for conducting this research project. Thanks are also due to Messrs. K. Haas, J. Bradshaw, F. Senter, S. Gabel, and J. McCracken, staff of the Department of Civil Engineering, for their technical support. Special thanks are extended to Mrs. Cheryl Dennis, and Mrs. Laura Richardson, Secretaries of the Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures, for their assistance in preparing this report.


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01 Mar 1998

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