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A Report on Strength and Stiffness Characteristics of Steel Stud Backup Walls Designed to Support Brick Veneer


The behaviour of steel stud backup wall panels subjected to lateral loads was investigated experimentally and analytically. In addition, various steel stud to track connections were investigated experimentally.

The experimental work consisted of the fabrication and testing of 109 steel stud to track connections. Thirty-two full size steel stud backup wall panels were also tested. Some of the panels were braced with various types of commonly used steel bridging while others were braced with gypsum board sheathing or Styrofoam SM insulation. Twelve beam tests were also performed in order to establish the flexural bending capacity of the steel studs tested.

The analytical study consisted of an evaluation of the results of the test program. A one-dimensional elastic Finite Element program was developed to investigate the distribution of torsional stresses in steel studs as part of the analysis. The model had the limitation of ignoring the effects of web perforations.

Based on analysis of the test and analytical results, several recommendations were made for design and construction of steel stud backup walls.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

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01 Dec 1991

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Prepared for Project Implementation Division Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

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Technical Report

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