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Cornell University Engineering Experiment Station Reprint No. 33


“The investigations reported in the four papers were carried out under the auspices of the Engineering Experiment Station of Cornell University, Dean S. C. Hollister, Director, and in the School of Civil Engineering, Professor W. L. Malcolm, deceased, and Professor N. A. Christensen, Directors.

They are part of, or related to, an extensive investigation of thin-walled steel structures sponsored jointly by the American Iron and Steel Institute and Cornell University, of which Professor George Winter, Head, Department of Structural Engineering, is in active charge. On the part of the Steel Institute the work is directed by the technical subcommittee of the Committee on Building Codes, Mr. Milton Male, Chairman, Mr. B. L. Wood, consulting engineer. The writers wish to acknowledge their sincere appreciation for the unfailing cooperation of these gentlemen”—Acknowledgment, page ii.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


American Iron and Steel Institute
Cornell University

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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures


Cornell University

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01 Nov 1950

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  • Stress Distribution in and Equivalent Width of Flanges of Wide, Thin-Wall Steel Beams, by George Winter
  • Performance of Thin Steel Compression Flanges, by George Winter
  • Performance of Laterally Loaded Channel Beams, by George Winter, Warner Lansing, and R. B. McCalley, Jr.
  • Performance of Compression Plates as Parts of Structural Members, by George Winter


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