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The purposes of Column Research Council are to study and discuss problems related to the stability and strength of metal compression members; to organize research in this field; to disseminate information; and to formulate design rules for consideration by specification-writing bodies. The activities of the Council in 1970 are summarized in this report. A particular feature is the Proceedings of the 1970 Annual Technical Session. As in the past, the rosters of members of the Council and the By-Laws are also included. The support and technical contributions of the members and investigators are sincerely appreciated. Those individuals and organizations that have contributed financially to the Council have made possible the basic work reported here. Special thanks are due to the Engineering Foundation for its constant assistance to the Council. The sponsorship and financial support of the National Science Foundation for the Annual Technical Session is gratefully acknowledged.


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Jan 1970

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