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In 1974, the Constructional Steel Research and Development Organization (CONSTRADO) of England commissioned Ove Amp & Partners to prepare a detailed technical report setting out the most plausible models of flame projection from openings in building facades and the methods of calculating heat transfer from fires to exterior exposed steel columns. The report and an accompanying calculation method were completed in November 1975. In July 1975, the Subcommittee on Fire Teclmology of the Committee on Construction Codes and Standards of American Iron and Steel Institute commissioned a revised major extension of Ove Amp's work, and a two-volume report was completed in January 1977. This GUIDE, edited and arranged for ready reference by building professionals, is a condensed version of the 1977 report. It presents step-by-step discussions, analyses, and procedures for designing fire-safe exterior structural steel.


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Nov 1979

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