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14th progress report


I SCOPE OF THIS REPORT It has been mentioned repeatedly in previous Reports that the spot welds in the web joining the two parts of the beam tended to pull apart at the supports. It is therefore obvious that, in order to properly design such beams, this fact must be taken into consideration. The present report undertakes to give an analysis of this behavior and to stipulate certain requirements with respect to these welds (strength, spacing) which have to be met in order that such failures may be excluded. The present analysis pertains only to beams made up of two identical channels each of which is symmetrical about the horizontal axis and of uniform sheet thickness throughout. It is planned to extend this analysis in the next report to beams made of channels which are not symmetrical and the thickness of which is different in the different parts. The report essentially consists of two parts: (a) A discussion of the behavior of such beams in bending and the determination of the forces arising in the welds. (b) A tentative proposal formulating suggested requirements for building code purposes, from this analysis. While part (a) represents the analysis of this problem and therefore, it is believed, should serve as a definite base for specifications, part (b) should merely be regarded as a suggestion for the possible form of future specifications, subject to further discussion and elaboration by the committee.


Male, Milton


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


American Iron and Steel Institute

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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Dec 1940

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Fourteenth Progress Report

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Technical Report

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