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3rd progress report


I. OBJECT OF THIS REPORT Since the investigations discussed in the previous report have proved that the stress distribution at midspan was fairly uniform in the narrowest, medium and widest beams of the 14 gage series, it seemed unnecessary to carry out investigations on the remaining two intermediate beams A-14-66 and A-l4-610. Three beams of the 22 gage series have been investigated so far, namely B-22-84a and b and B-22-88a. Detailed stress distribution surveys have been carried out at midspan on beams B-22-84b and B-22-88a. It was impossible to carry out such a survey on beam B-22-84a, since this beam failed through buckling of the top flange. Beam B-22-88a also buckled at the top flange, but this buckling did not result in the failure of the beam sufficient to prevent the stress survey being carried out in the usual way. In addition to this experimental work an approximate theoretical analysis of the buckling phenomenon was made.


Male, Milton


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


American Iron and Steel Institute

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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 May 1939

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Third Progress Report

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