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INTRODUCTION In recent years, insulated steel roof deck construction has been widely used in industrial and commercial buildings. The use of roof assembly consisting of 3-in. deep, 22-gage, steel deck is being considered by Rooftex, Inc. of Houston, Texas, for Class 1-60 and Class 1-90 assemblies. At the request of Rooftex, two types of tests were conducted at the University of Missouri-Rolla in July 1983. These tests, which consisted of physical tests of steel roof decks and uplift pressure tests of insulated steel roof deck construction, were conducted to obtain the"necessary data for the approval of the Factory Mutual Research Corporation. Descriptions of the test setups,procedures used for the tests, and the test results are included in the First Progress Report. l In December 1983, two additional uplift pressure tests of insulated steel roof deck construction were conducted at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Compared with the roof assemblies tested in July 1983, the samples tested in the second phase of the program were fabricated in a different manner, and a different arrangement of the insulation boards and fasteners was used. This report contains a description of the test setup and procedures used for the tests conducted in December 1983 and presents the results obtained. Section II deals with the details of the two uplift pressure tests, and a conclusion is presented in Section III.


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Dec 1983

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