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INTRODUCTION In recent years, automobile manufacturers have introduced new lines of lighter vehicles for the purpose of achieving fuel economy. To construct such vehicles, formable and weldable, high strength, sheet steels with yield points ranging up to 140 ksi have been used for parts and structural components. 1.1-1.7 Because various types of newer high strength sheet steels are now available for engineers to reduce car weight and because these steels permit the use of existing production equipment with virtually no change in techniques or production rates, the design criteria for efficient and economical use of these high strength steels in car bodies are going to be needed by engineers. In February 1981, the "Guide for Preliminary Design of Sheet Steel Automotive Structural Components" was issued by American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) for assisting automotive structural designers to achieve weight reductions through the efficient utilization of carbon and high strenght steels. 1.8 These design recommendations were based primarily on the 1968 Edition of the AISI "Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members 1.9 with the following major differences compared with the AISI Specification written for the design of buildings 1.5,1.8 a. The design expressions presented in the Guide are based on an ultimate strength basis. b. Because the design expressions are sometimes simplified in the Guide, their range of applicability is restricted in some instances. c. The design expressions are extended to materials with yield strengths up to 80 ksi. In view of the fact that many types of high strength steels with yield points from 80 to 140 ksi can be economically used for automotive structural components, a comprehensive design guide for the use of a broader range of high strength sheet steels is highly desirable. Since early 1982, a new research project entitled "Structural Design of Automotive Structural Components Using High Strength Sheet Steels" has been conducted at the University of Missouri-Rolla under the sponsorship of American Iron and Steel Institute. The main purpose of the project has been to determine the material characteristics of typical high strength sheet steels having yield points in the range of 80 to 140 ksi and to develop the design criteria for the cold-formed steel structural members using such high strength steels in automotive structures.


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01 Jan 1983

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