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PREFACE During the past four years, two methods were developed for the design of stainless steel structural members at the University of Missouri-Rolla with consultation of Professor T. V. Galambos at the University of Minnesota. One of the methods is based on the load and resistance factor design (LRFD) and the other is based on the allowable stress design (ASD). Both design methods are now included in the new ASCE Standard 8-90, Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members. At the September 21, 1990 meeting of the Control Group of the ASCE Stainless Steel Cold-Formed Section Standards Committee held in Washington, D.C., the urgent need for design examples using the new ASCE Standard was discussed at length. The University of Missouri-Rolla was asked to submit a proposal for preparation of such illustrative examples beginning October 1, 1990. During the period from October 1990 through December 1991, a total of 27 illustrative problems have been prepared as included herein. Most of the given data used for these examples are similar to those used in the 1986 edition of the AISI Cold-Formed Steel Manual except that for each problem, two examples are illustrated by using LRFD and ASD methods. The research work reported herein was conducted in the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla with the consulting work provided by Dr. Shin-Hua Lin and Professor T. V. Galambos. The financial assistance provided by the Nickel Development Institute and the Chromium Centre is gratefully acknowledged. Appreciation is also expressed to Dr. W. K. Armitage, Mr. J. P. Schade, Professor P. Van der Merwe and Professor G. J. Van den Berg for their technical review and suggested revisions.


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01 Dec 1991

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