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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this phase of the research project has been to investigate the behavior of a single web with web openings when subjected to either a constant shear force or a combined shear force and bending. The literature indicates that the main parameter that appears to effect the shear capacity is the ratio of web opening depth to web depth, a/h. Thus, the objective for this phase of the investigation was to experimentally determine the shear strength, and compare the tested shear strength with the computed shear strength as given by the AISI Specification for solid webs. The experimental results are also compared to a shear reduction equation derived by Davis and Yu (3) for circular holes with certain limitations. The interaction between shear forces and bending moments on the ultimate capacity of the web elements was experimentally investigated. The test results are compared with the interaction equations as given in the AISI Specification for solid webs. This report summarizes the test procedure, the test results, and the evaluation for the results for this study. Based on the findings of this study, design equations have been developed and are presented herein.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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01 May 1992

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