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INTRODUCTION This report contains the results of tests on 122 field welded connections. Most of the specimens are approximately the same as those that were shop welded previously and tested. The results of tests on shop welded specimens are given in Ref. 2. Those field welded specimens that do not correspond to the shop welded specimens are indicated in Table lA. Except as noted, all notations, variables, weld configurations and procedures are identical with those in Ref. 2. All specimens were tested in a hydraulic test machine under monotonically increasing slowly applied tensile force. This report differs from Ref. 2 in the following respects. No stresses are computed either for cover plate or for weld areas. Only the ultimate loads are recorded and no attempt was made to record the lower loads at final separation. However, whether the specimen separated at a signicant load (brittle failure) or gradually with the load dropping often to zero is noted. All geometrical dimension designations are the same as those shown in figures la-lf in Ref. 1, except that in the C and H groups, the plate length has been replaced by the average longitudinal distance between the inside ends or the edges of the welds respectively (ea or ec). Connected plates are referred to in this report as parent plates. Section 4 describes circumstances of weld failure. Table 1a gives the designations and some properties of the different types of specimens tested. Tables 2 and 3 give material properties. Succeeding tables present geometric dimensions and experimental data tor each group. Table 10 compares the test results on field and shop welded specimens. Figures 1 through 27 give typical load-elongation curves for each series within each group.


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Jan 1973

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