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38th progress report


I. SCOPE OF THIS REPORT In the Twenty-fifth Progress Report a series of twenty-three tests was reported on web crippling under concentrated loads. On the basis of these tests the design requirements of section 4.9 of the Tentative Specifications (April 1944 edition) were written. The scope of these tests, however, was not broad enough to insure safe design stipulations for all important cases for the following reasons: (a) Of the twenty-three tests six were conducted with roller loading (zero bearing length), and therefore are not represetative of acutal conditions. This leaves only seventeen representative tests. (b) all tests were conducted so as to cause failure at the load point by preventing failure at the supports; therefore, no data were available to write specifications on allowable magnitudes of end reactions. (c) All specimens were loaded on the top flange only. Under actual conditions rather frequently a beam may be loaded at the support by an additional concentrated load on the top flange, as by a stud from the next higher floor. No information was obtained for such a condition. (d) All specimens were of identical 8-in. depth which made it impossible to investigate the influence, if any of the depth of the beam on the crippling strength of the web. For these reasons an additional series of extensive tests was carried out on web crippling. These tests were designed to furnish information on all the phases enumerated above. A total of 101 tests were carried out so that, together with the seventeen representative tests of the old series, 118 tests are now available for evaluation. This report contains the complete test results, the evaluation of these results, and suggestions for revised and broadened design specifications.


Male, Milton


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Jun 1944

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Thirty-Eighth Progress Report

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