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The 2012 AISI S100 Section E5 includes design provisions for power-actuated fasteners (PAFs) for connection of cold-formed steel (CFS) to steel base materials. However, a need exists to develop an in-depth understanding when CFS wall tracks are attached to concrete base materials as part of interior and exterior wall framing applications. Current code requirements, as specified by ASCE 7 – 2010 Chapter 13 (Exception to Section 13.4.5), limit individual PAFs in nonstructural component connections as part of distributed systems, to a sustained tension service load of 90 lbs in concrete and 250 lbs in steel in Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F. Although the use of PAFs is very common in CFS wall framing applications, there is a need for an in-depth system study examining the cyclic / seismic lateral performance using this connection method.

This experimental test program demonstrates that tested capacities of the CFS track-to-concrete PAF connections exceed those used for design, under the current ASCE 7 (2010) provisions. Experimental data further demonstrates that ductile steel failure modes limit the capacity of the connection with 33 mil and thinner CFS track. Where this failure mode is dominant, the use of AISI S100-12 Section E5.3.2 to determine the capacity of the CFS track connection is appropriate and further limiting the capacity to current standards is not warranted. Where this failure mode is not dominant, and PAF failure modes control the system behavior, the capacity of the CFS track connections should be more accurately descripted in AISI S100-12 Section E5 and the International Building Code (ICC, 2012).


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