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The addition of SAE J429 bolts along with their associated nuts and washers into the AISI STANDARD S100, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Members, would be a significant enhancement to the specification by providing practitioners the opportunity to use a broader range of fasteners for the design of cold-formed steel structures. The design of bolted connections using SAE J429 bolts would be advantageous for many types of structures including mechanical support structures, storage rack systems, photovoltaic support structures, carport structures, and conventional repetitive frame structures that all utilize cold-formed steel members. These structures would benefit by having a more robust range of smaller diameter fasteners available that are not found in ASTM A307 common bolts or ASTM F3125 Grades A325 or A490 high-strength structural bolts. Many industries that require small diameter fasteners already use SAE J429 bolts or have attempted to use SAE bolts in their designs without any specification guidance.

Incorporation of SAE J429 bolts into AISI STANDARD S100 requires a comparison between the ASTM bolts currently recognized in the Standard with those SAE bolts looking to be included in the specification. This comparison would need to cover:

1) Geometry of the bolt, nut, and washer,
2) Bearing strength of connections,
3) Shear strength of SAE bolts,
4) Tension strength of SAE bolts, and
5) Assurance of quality.

This comparison would also need to demonstrate that SAE J429 bolted connections will provide designs with an equivalent level of safety or resistance as do ASTM bolts. The following sections address these issues and provide the reasons or benefits for their proposed inclusion in the next edition of the AISI Standard.


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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures


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September 2020

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