American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Specifications, Standards, Manuals and Research Reports (1946 - present)

Load Bearing Clip Angle Design

Cheng Yu, University of North Texas
Mohomad Yousof, University of North Texas
Mahsa Mahdavian


The report presents a comprehensive research project aimed at developing design methods for three limit states of cold-formed steel clip angles: shear, compression, and pull-over of the screw connections. For each limit state, a test program was conducted to investigate the behavior, strength, and deflection of the clip angles. The test results were compared with existing design methods for members similar to, but not exactly the same as, cold-formed steel clip angles. It was found that none of the existing methods worked well for the tested clip angles, therefore new design methods were developed for each of the three limit states studied in the project. LRFD and LSD resistance factors and ASD safety factors were provided to apply to the proposed design equations for nominal strength.