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  1. A large population of people utilize American Sign Language for their primary method of communication.
  2. No commercially available product is available for these people for when they need to communicate with speakers of a foreign language.
  3. We must investigate methods to make communication between these two parties easier and more accessible.
  4. By using a neural network to classify images of American Sign Language letters, we can build a service to make translation of American Sign Language into foreign languages possible.


Multidisciplinary Studies graduate with an interest in using artificial intelligence to solve problems relating to communication and business.

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies with focus in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Russian Language


Advising team:

Dr. Yu-Hsien Chiu, Department of Business and Information Technology, Missouri S&T: project goal refinement and providing early feedback.

Dr. Irina Ivliyeva, Department of Arts, Language, and Philosophy, Missouri S&T: developing research methodology, project organization and planning, evaluation/gathering of language resources, presentation design and delivery tips.

Dr. Audra Merfeld-Langston, Department of Arts, Language, and Philosophy, Missouri S&T: advising during project, keeping me on schedule, and project refinement.


Chiu, Yu-Hsien
Ivliyeva, Irina V.
Merfeld-Langston, Audra L.


Business and Information Technology

Second Department

Arts, Languages, and Philosophy


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Apr 2022

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Final Version


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Capstone Project

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Missouri University of Science and Technology