Perceptions of Engineering Disciplines Among High School Students


According to the 2004-2005 Occupational Outlook Handbooks, engineers, whose work is the link between scientific discovery and commercial application, apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics as a means of researching and developing economical solutions to technical problems. However, one would not receive as concise a definition of the profession if they were to ask the average high school student. Individuals who have the necessary skills and talent to be successful engineers often have no idea as to what engineering, on the whole and with respect to particular discipline, is about. To understand high school students' perceptions toward engineering, sophomore-, junior- and senior-level high school students enrolled in chemistry, physics, upper-level mathematics courses, and an interdisciplinary engineering course offered in partnership with the University of Missouri - Rolla were surveyed to learn what they knew about particular engineering disciplines, engineering in general, and how they acquired this knowledge. Results of this exploration, as well as implications for recruitment efforts, are presented.

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2006 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition: Excellence in Education


Business and Information Technology

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College Recruitment; Conferences; Engineering Education; Mathematical Analysis; Partnerships

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jun 2006

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