Improving Competitiveness through Non-value-added Activity Analysis


Approaches for increasing the extent to which operations are adding value for the customer, thereby improving viability and survivability in the marketplace are provided. the current literature on value-adding analysis and its use in industry is reviewed. a review is provided of the methods used to improve the elimination of NVAA, as well as a convenience study that illustrates that when executives are properly trained in value-adding analysis and the use of tools for eliminating NVAA, tremendous gains can be experienced. There can be little doubt that in the omnipresent demand to remain competitive, value-adding analysis and improvement remains a key tool available to executives. in highly competitive environments, such efforts can yield tremendous results, which are transferred financially directly to the bottom line, while improving customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Such win/win opportunities are rare in industry, and while it does represent a significant commitment in terms of effort, resources, and cultural change, value-adding analysis by all accounts holds promise for all executives seeking to position their companies for a viable future.


Business and Information Technology

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Competitive Advantage; Polls and Surveys; Statistical Data; Valuation; Value Added

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Article - Journal

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01 Jan 2004

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