Measuring Service Quality in Restaurants: An Application of the Servqual Instrument


Can SERVQUAL-Traditionally an Instrument for Measuring Service Quality- Be Proven as an Effective Tool in Assessing Customer Perceptions of Service Quality in Restaurants? the Research Presented in This Article is an Examination of the Nature of the Association between Service Quality as Perceived Byconsumers and its Service Determinants. the SERVQUAL Instrument itself is Discussed, and a Demonstration of How It Can Be Used by Restaurants in Assessing Quality Service is Included. the Managerial Implications of using SERVQUAL as an Assessment Tool Include Meeting and Managing Customer Expectations, Managing the Physical Design of the Product, Educating Service Customers, Developing a Total Quality Management Program, Achieving Continuous Quality through Automation, and Engaging in Periodic Review of the Procedures, Personnel, and Property of the Operation. with the Assessment Knowledge Generated by Such a Review, Restaurants May Then Begin to Manage their Strengths and Weaknesses Productively. © 1994, Sage Publications. All Rights Reserved.


Business and Information Technology

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marketing research; restaurants; service quality (SERVQUAL)

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01 Jan 1994