There is a Growing Need for Teaching Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Engineering Disciplines, Such as Environmental. However, There Has Been Limited Focus on GIS in Undergraduate Programs, Since It's Difficult to Fit a GIS Class into the Large Number of Class Requirements Already Included in Engineering Curricula. the Purpose of This Research is the Evaluation of Web-Based Learning Module Created by a Multidisciplinary Team at a Midwestern Technological Research University, Which Allows Instructors to Integrate GIS Instruction into Existing Courses. This Module is One Part of a Large-Scale National Science Foundation Funded Project in Which GIS Modules Are Being Developed for Several Areas in Civil Engineering. the Principal Goals of This Evaluation Are to Determine the overall Effectiveness of the Module, Identify the Factors that Mediate the Effectiveness, and to Determine Ways in Which the Module Can Be Made More Effective. Data Were Collected from 56 Students, 28 in an Experimental Group and 28 in a Control Group. Students in an Experimental Group Participated in a Laboratory Session, Which Utilized the Module, to Solve a Problem on Urban Ozone Events and Census Tract Analysis, Whereas Students in a Control Group Attended a Class Lecture Covering the Same Information. Students in the Experimental Group Completed a Questionnaire and Students in Both Groups Completed a Quiz over the Material. Quantitative Analysis Was Carried Out on the Quantitative Portion of the Scale for the Experimental Group, and for Both Groups on the Quiz. a Qualitative Analysis Was Applied to the Open-Ended Questionnaire Items for the Experimental Group. Students in the Experimental (Learning System) Section Scored Significantly Higher on the Quiz. Students in the Learning Systems Group Rated the Laboratory Session as Significantly More Effective for Learning, and More Motivational Than the Class Texts. They Also Rated the Lab Significantly More Applicable to Real World Engineering Than Both their Textbooks and Class Lecture. the Qualitative Analysis Revealed a Number of Ways the System Can Be Further Improved to Make the Module More Effective. © 2011 American Society for Engineering Education.


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01 Jan 2011