Ethical and Moral Issues with AI - A Case Study on Healthcare Robots


AI-based technology has achieved many great things, such as facial recognition, medical diagnosis, and self-driving cars. AI promises enormous benefits for economic growth, social development, as well as human well-being and safety improvement. However, the low-level of explainability, data security, data privacy, and ethical problems of AI-based technology also pose significant risks for users, developers, and governments. As the AI advances, one critical issue is how to address the ethical and moral challenges associated with AI. This study will focus on the ethics and morality issues that may be caused by AI, and may arise because of AI. This research uses a qualitative approach and will conduct interviews with AI experts, programmers, workers, labor unions' representatives, legislators, and other stakeholders. The research focuses on two research questions: What are the perceived ethical and moral issues with AI, and how can these issues be solved or attenuated.

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24th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2018 (2018: Aug. 16-18, New Orleans, LA)


Business and Information Technology

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Artificial intelligence; Data privacy; Diagnosis; Economic and social effects; Economics; Face recognition; Information systems; Information use; Ethical framework; Ethics; Facial recognition; Moral status; Morality; Qualitative approach; Research questions; Safety improvement; Philosophical aspects

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01 Aug 2018