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Part 1. The determination of the loss of potassium cyanide and of sodium cyanide in dilute solution by agitation with compressed air and by agitation with compressed air in the presence of iron pyrite and of iron filings. Part 2. The determination of rates of percolation of water through pure quartz of various sizes and various mixtures of sizes


"The object of the following tests was rather to determine quantitatively the consumption of Potassium Cyanide and of Sodium Cyanide when agitated by compressed air, and when agitated by compressed air in the presence of iron pyrite and in the presence of iron filings, than to explain chemically the causes for this consumption"--Part One, page 1. "The following tests were made to study the rate of percolation of water, under certain conditions, through pure quartz. the information sought is of importance in the cyanide process. By "rate of percolation" we mean the distance traveled in a unit time, by water through a bed of quartz or other ore. In all of our experiments no suction was used"--Part Two, page 14.


Copeland, Durward

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B.S. in General Science


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Sidney S. Schmidt received a Bachelor of Science in General Science. Russell B. Caples received a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering. Both degrees determined from "1874-1999 MSM-UMR Alumni Directory".


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Case hardening
Cyanide process

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