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Producer gas


"Producer gas, so named owing to being produced in special forms of apparatus known as Producers. The fuel is decomposed into combustible gases, whereby most of the C is burnt to CO, whilst the H either remains free, or is converted into carburretted Hydrogen. Directly above the grate carbonic anhydride is formed but thus is rapidly converted into carbonic oxide; reaction as follows: CO₂ + C = 2CO.

Amongst these heavy carburetted hydrogen (C₂H₄) is that which principally increases the value of the gas as fuel and the drier the fuel used the more of the gas is produced. A certain temperature is required which must not be exceeded. This temperature is dependent upon the amount of iron admitted. If this is large, complete combustion is effected and the desired effect is only imperfectly attained. If however the admission of air be too small, the heat is not sufficient for the formation of CO and the evolution of gas ceases. It has been proven almost beyond a doubt that producer gas is more economical than to use the solid fuel. For high flame temperature the producer gas is best. In the manufacture of a fuel gas, it is obvious that certain conditions are necessary"--pages 1-2.



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B.S. in Chemistry and Metallurgy


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Gas manufacture and works

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Taylor Revolving-Bottom Gas-Producer

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Wellman Gas Producer; Dauber's Gas Producer

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Wellman Gas Producer; Dauber's Gas Producer

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Goetz Gas Furnace; Siemens' Gas Furnace

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Sweet's Gas Furnace