Bachelors Theses

Illustrations of the treatment of nickeliferous ores at Mine La Motte, Madison County, Missouri

William C. Minger

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"The Mine la Motte property consists of a tract of about 24000 acres situated in the counties of Madison and St. Francois, principally in the former, however. It has been worked since the year 1720, and besides its historical interest is certainly one of the most important mines in the state, as regards both the capitalist and scientist. These facts warrant a detailed description of the mines, and the methods of working which are in vogue there, these being necessary to any one who would realize their magnitude and importance. The property is situated about 100 miles southeast of St. Louis on the Iron Mountain Railroad. The principal mining is done at the village of Mine la Motte, three miles east of Mine la Motte station. The deposits of nickel and cobalt found here are the most extensive now known and operated in the United States, and yield a very large proportion of the total production of these metals in the world"--Historical and Descriptive, page 3.