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Preface - vii
Barry Popik and Gerald Cohen: Material for the study of hash-house lingo - 1
Barry Popik: Coinage of the 'Windy City' is often incorrectly attributed to NYC editor Charles Dana, who--in the 1889-1890 competition for the 1893 World's Fair--allegedly spoke of Chicago's 'windy politicians' - 50
Reprint of Nathan Bierma's Chicago-Tribune article on the origin of 'The Windy City' - 72
Barry Popik: Tin Pan Alley origin is explained in a 1903 newspaper article - 78
Gerald Cohen: to need hair of the dog that bit you 'need a bit more booze to get over a hangover - 80
Gerald Cohen: Lose one's marbles--Jonathan Lighter's 1902 attestation refutes my suggestion of a 1920's Missouri origin of the expression - 83
Barry Popik: Cakewalk--1897 New-Orleans Times-Democrat article explains it was originally a marriage ceremony among French blacks in Louisiana - 85
Gerald Cohen: Slang poof 'effeminate man, male homosexual' - 90
Gerald Cohen (compiler): Michael Jackson's childish but derogatory term spabooks 'spooks' (black people) - 100
Gerald Cohen (compiler): Paul Johnson: Morse code tl (for toilet lid) was used to insult radio operators with a heavy hand; hence lid 'incompetent operator' (with information also from Rick Kennerly) - 103
Gerald Cohen: Job lot (a derogatory term) - 107
Gerald Cohen (compiler): Loose as a goose--the original reference is to loose bowels - 109
Barry Popik: Slang applesauce (spoken dismissively) derives from a once popular but corny joke, possibly in a minstrel context - 112
Mike Salovesh: Con-men's lingo the big store 'a false-front operation set up for the purpose of separating a wealthy victim from a lot of cash - 115
Barry Popik: Material for the study of eat crow: three version of humorous story agree that Scotch snuff made the boiled crow particularly unappetizing - 119
Barry Popik: 1935 New York Sun article on racket slang - 123
Barry Popik: 1885 newspaper article on the slang response 'I should smile' and the greeting 'Well, what do you know? - 132
Barry Popik: 1874 article about current slang - 136
Barry Popik: 1933 High-school slang - 142
Barry Popik: Theater/varieties/circus slang: 1879 article in Cincinnati Enquirer - 144
Barry Popik: Circus slang: 1919 item in Los Angeles Times - 153
Barry Popik: 1913 Fort Wayne Sentinel article on slang: are you jerry to the old jazz? (San Francisco); hod dickety dog (Indianapolis); gazipe (St. Louis); it's mush to me (Denver); I'll make/take a little dodo (New Orleans); I should worry (almost every city, esp Boston, New York) - 155
Douglas Wilson: 1913 gazipe (St. Louis slang of ca. 1913) is discussed in a 1913 newspaper article - 169
Barry Popik: 1931 L.A. Times article 'Underworld "lingo" brought up-to-date', by Ben Kendall - 162
Gerald Cohen (compiler; due credit is given): Material for the study of jazz ax(e) 'musical instrument - 181
Index - 192


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01 Jan 2006