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This document has been developed as a part of the planning processes ongoing within the University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) community and the University of Missouri (UM) System In 1993, the four-campus UM System conducted a significant planning effort under the aegis of the University’s Board of Curators focusing on program review, which involved a detailed setting of academic priorities Within the past two years, the four- campus system has, based on inclusive planning, established priorities for additional support from the State of Missouri under a "mission enhancement" effort Further, the UMR campus has a well-developed annual planning cycle which produces a detailed strategic plan UMR has also conducted detailed self-studies via a Baldrige-type process in completing two applications for the Missouri Quality Award and was the first doctoral university in the nation to earn a state-wide quality award Elements of the above documents were included in the initial draft of this self-study and the resulting document was posted at the campus web site where it was reviewed by all interested members of the community. Sufficient time was provided to solicit additions, modifications, and other improvements.

When John T Park was named UMR's Interim Chancellor in 1991, the campus began an in-depth study to prepare a five-year budget plan From this successful process emerged the campus planning initiatives discussed in the preceding paragraph Thus, self-study and self-analysis are ongoing undertakings and the 1999 North Central Accreditation Review was seen as an opportunity to synthesize these analyses Accordingly, the steering committee established to oversee the self-study organized subcommittees to address various facets of the NCA criteria for accreditation The document presented here is the result of the subcommittees’ reviews, several drafts edited by the steering committee, and a final review by a broad group of faculty, staff, and students.

In the past, each of these exercises in analysis and planning has found varied audiences The self-study is anticipated to be a timely means of identifying UMR as a quality component in Missouri’s outstanding university system.

The self-study documents that UMR has clear and publicly stated goals consistent with its mission and appropriate to an institution of higher education; that it has effectively organized the human, physical, and financial resources necessary to accomplish its purposes, that its educational and other purposes are being accomplished; that it can continue to accomplish its purposes and strengthen its educational effectiveness; and that it demonstrates integrity in its practices and relationships.

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University of Missouri--Rolla


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University of Missouri--Rolla Self-Study Prepared for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools