Planning of Support Work in Underground Coal Mines Using MANSUPP


The Manpower Support Program (MANSUPP) has been designed to plan a detailed manpower structure for a mine by incorporating a production schedule, condition-modified work standards and management preferences to predict required manhours for various support activities such as belt moves. This is accomplished by gathering and processing planning information the same way a mine planner would. The program is menu-driven with a selection of a particular menu item locating the user in the appropriate area within the spreadsheet to review/add information. All of the interactions between productivity, section conditions and management preferences and their effect on the amount of support work required must be considered. The program was developed in an environment that mine planners were familiar with, i.e., Lotus 1-2-3 or a compatible (Quattro Pro), in order to facilitate the use of the program. Other reasons included ease of calculation due to built-in functions, powerful command language and macro capabilities. Each of major components of the program defined are summarized.


Mining and Nuclear Engineering

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