Student Art in the Library Fall 2017 Exhibition



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This painting reflects the different perspective a person goes through during variant stages of life and the transformation of never-ending thought to isolation in a box molded by society.

The first multicolor piece shows the innocence, puerility, and freedom an infant enjoys in their early stage. They are full of energy, excited and thrilled to test and learn everything that surrounds them. Though life then had moments of imperfection, it sure was colorful.

Second box of standard colors represents an individual’s time as a teenager, where the need to express oneself is most powerful; though we forget, unknowingly and unwillingly, that we make decisions based on what we’re taught as a child, one begins to lose their identity. The three horizontal boxes are the representation of colors from Blue, Red, and Green instead of Red, Green, and Blue which embodies the rebellious nature of the teenage years.

The representation on the third box is of an adult. Where one can see white is in friction with black represents that we have developed this keen sense to personal beliefs and opinions, which are prone to corruption, one definitely tries to influence others with their opinions. As kids, we’re only hungry for knowledge, and eager to learn by actually putting things to the test, but instead have become an imprudent human being as a result of the society’s long history of molding a person accordingly such that they fit perfectly in a predefined box of social expectations.


2D - Painting

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16" x 20"


© 2017 Divyesh Shelar, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Fall 2017 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

November 2017




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