Design and Simulation of Computer Business Model for Primary Processing of Hardwood Material


Computer business model of hardwood production gives the user an opportunity to examine different ways and provide the capability of executing scenarios using alternative activities and process flow paths. This paper illustrates the design of business model based on which the simulation will be built. It will be able to simulate the effect of variables in each process and provide the output in terms of cost, quality and quantity of timber products produced at the end of primary hardwood processing. The simulation will act as a powerful decision making tool and be user friendly. It will be built with the combination of Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Excel. It will provide cost and revenue estimates, identifies process issues and will have the capability to rapidly react to changing markets. The simulation will also be able to study the viability of capturing more product value and reducing production cost.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Business Model; Decision Making Tool; Primary Processing of Hardwood Material; Production Cost

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Article - Conference proceedings

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