Capturing Organizational Uncertainty in a Value-Based Systems Engineering Framework


Designing Large-Scale Engineered Systems (LSCESs) has evolved into an effort that demands large parent organizations that are made up of several decision making teams. These organizations are often geographically dispersed adding to the complexity of the development of these LSCESs. These organizations have structures that provide the platform for the design process. These design processes affect the products on which they are applied. Previous work on the design of LSCESs has demonstrated the improvements in engineered systems design where Value-Driven Design (VDD) is adopted by capturing stakeholders' preferences in value functions when using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) frameworks to design complex systems. Along with these two areas, Organization Design has recently been incorporated in the evaluation of deterministic systems to capture stakeholders' value of systems where both the product and organization characteristics are used to create the value functions that are used to enumerate LSCESs' value. This work explores uncertainty in organization structures as part of the uncertainty that exists within organizations such as they do on engineered systems and the environments in which they operate and interact. An example system with characteristics present in LSCESs is used to demonstrate this application of uncertainty. This paper demonstrates that uncertainty in organization structures do affect the outcome of systems subjected to them.

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2016 International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management, ASEM 2016 (2016: Oct. 26-29, Charlotte, NC)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering


The authors wish to acknowledge the National Science Foundation (NSF), grants CMMI-1300921 and CMMI-1436285, for partial support of this work.

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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization; Organization Design; Systems Engineering; Uncertainty; Value-Driven Design

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Article - Conference proceedings

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