Developing Resiliency and Scalability Metrics as Part of Contingency Basing Supply Chain Design


This research focuses on scalability and resiliency in conjunction with providing safe, secure, and self-sustaining contingency basing and supply chain operations. The infrastructure for basic needs such as energy, fuel, water, food, and waste management is critical and needs to be flexible. The methodology concentrates on the scalability and resiliency of 40 functional contingency base blocks with 12 different coefficients. Two types of scalability are used - scaling out, which adds more infrastructure; and scaling up, which adds more resources to the contingency base design. Resiliency is measured by how the system reacts to rapid change, such as an interrupted supply chain network or a surge in soldiers. Strategic planning and clear metrics for resiliency and scalability will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the current basing standards and the supply chain network. This work fills a critical gap in the literature and will provide the Contingency Basing engineering manager with strategic decision tools and metrics.

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62nd IIE Annual Conference and Expo (2012: May 19-23, Orlando, FL)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Contingency Basing; Resiliency; Scalability; Supply Chain; Exhibitions; Effectiveness And Efficiencies; Engineering Managers; Strategic Decisions

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Article - Conference proceedings

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