Defining Resilience: A Preliminary Integrative Literature Review


The term resilience is ubiquitous in technical literature; it appears in numerous forms, such as resilience, resiliency, or resilient, and each use may have a different definition depending on the interpretation of the writer. This creates difficulties in understanding what is meant by 'resilience'in any given use case, especially in discussions of interdisciplinary research. To better understand this problem, this research constructs a preliminary integrative literature review to map different definitions, applications and calculation methods of resilience invoked within critical infrastructure applications. The preliminary review uses a State-of-the-Art Matrix (SAM) analysis to characterize differences in definition across disciplines and between regions. Qualifying the various usages of resilience will produce a greater precision in the literature and a deeper insight into types of data required for its evaluation, particularly with respect to critical infrastructure calculations and how such data may be analyzed. Results from this SAM analysis will create a framework of key concepts as part of the most common applications for "resilient critical infrastructure" modeling.

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International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (2016: Oct. 26-29, Charlotte, NC)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Critical Infrastructure; Resilience; State-Of-The-Art Matrix; Matrix Algebra; Public Works; Infrastructure Applications; Interdisciplinary Research; Literature Reviews; Critical Infrastructures

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