Project Management for Base Camp Design


Contingency basing is a critical factor in mission success but requires significant logistical and commander support. Designing and constructing a camp that is safe, secure, and self-sustaining can be a difficult task for a Contingency Basing engineering manager. This research focuses on assisting the Contingency Basing engineering manager to design and construct a feasible base camp using project management and modeling tools. The methodology concentrates on project management practices as applied to contingency basing and user input studies of a base camp-planning program. Project management tools will focus on managing high turnover rate and extreme risk management. The base camp planning program consists of a mathematical model to determine quantities for different sizes of basing, while accommodating various situations, with a user interface to reduce confusion for both contractors and contingency basing engineering managers. This work, while filling gaps in current literature, will provide the Contingency Basing engineering manager with practical project management and modeling tools.

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33rd Annual International Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management -- Agile Management: Embracing Change and Uncertainty in Engineering Management (2012: Oct. 17-20, Virginia Beach, VA)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Contingency Basing; Extreme Risk Management; High Turnover; Project Management; Critical Factors; Different Sizes; Engineering Managers; Mission Success; Mathematical Models; Tools; User Interfaces

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