This article compares a neural network-based controller, both local and global networks, with fuzzy associative memories (FAM) on a nonlinear problem. CMAC and FAM are chosen as representatives of local generalization networks. CMAC controller is trained off-line, therefore, it can response to the incoming input immediately. CMAC can interpolate its memory and give a reasonable control signal even the input has not been trained on. Backpropagation is picked as a representative of global generalization networks. All three systems are studied on a simple simulated control problem. This preliminary research will be adapted later to control the laser cutting machine. A performance measure that depends on the transient response and the steady state response of the controlled system is used. The results indicate that CMAC and FAM are comparable

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3rd IEEE Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 1994. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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CMAC; Backpropagation; Cerebellar Model Arithmetic Computer; Content-Addressable Storage; Fuzzy Associative Memories; Fuzzy Control; Local Generalization Networks; Neural Nets; Neural Network-Based Controller; Nonlinear Control; Nonlinear Control Systems; Steady State Response; Transient Response

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Article - Conference proceedings

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