A Study of Artificial Financial Market


Initially, financial market research has focused on analytical frameworks that are based on the assumption of rational behavior. However, recent studies have pointed out that actual markets do not seem to show rational behavior. Therefore, in the last decade there has been an increasing interest in describing financial markets using agent-based models. By investigating different market structures, such as trading mechanisms and agent characteristics, this approach provides a variety of insights about why the efficient market hypothesis does not always hold true. This paper also follows an agent-based modeling approach to build a simple financial market. The objective of this study is to build a simple market mechanism and then analyze how traders with different initial trading biases shift their biases as stock prices and strategies change during the simulation. Theoretical models that are frequently used in computational finance and market micro structure are used to construct the simulation model.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Agent-Based Financial Market Architecture; Agent-Based Modeling; Computational Finance; Market Micro Structure; Multi-Agent Modeling

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Article - Conference proceedings

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