Executable System Architecting Using SysML in Conjunction with Colored Petri Nets


This paper describes the development of a methodology that introduces dynamic model analysis into SysML modeling by mapping SysML notations to Colored Petri Net (CPN). A set of tools have been studied and integrated to create a structured architecture design process. Some basic principles of executable system architecting are discussed, which guide the process of executable architecture specification and analysis. Dynamic analysis of these models facilitates the investigation of system wide properties of the proposed system, which in turn provides a basis for system refinement. This methodology is aimed at general system design. Its feasibility was demonstrated with a C4ISR type of network centric system as an example. The simulation results helped to check the overall integrity and internal consistency of the architecture model, refine the architecture design, and finally verify the behavior and functionality of the system being modeled.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Architectural Modeling; Architectural Models; Systems Modeling Language

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Article - Conference proceedings

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