Circuit board mounted, shunt capacitive filters are less effective at high frequencies because of the mutual inductance (M) that exists between the input and output ports. An approximate expression for the mutual inductance is M=(muh/2pi)ln(h/a); where h=via length and a=radius of the via connecting the capacitor to the return plane. The reduced mutual inductance associated with the new, three-terminal, surface-mounted capacitor results in more than 15 dB increased attenuation compared to two-terminal capacitors over the 0.3-6.0 GHz range with 50 Ω source and load terminations

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2001 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2001


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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0.3 to 6.0 GHz; 50 Ohm; Capacitors; Equivalent Circuits; High-Frequency Attenuation Improvement; Inductance; Input Ports; Load Terminations; Low-Pass Filters; Mutual Inductance; Output Ports; Shunt Capacitor Low-Pass Filters; Source Terminations; Surface Mount Technology; Three-Terminal Surface-Mounted Capacitor

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