Our Nation, with its high standard of living made possible by industrialization, draws heavily on energy producing natural resources. Self reliance mandates the use of every measure of conservation in order to extend the yet finite supply of energy to meet our national needs. Efficiency in the use of energy has been and can increasingly be effected through industrial use of subsurface space. The use of mined rooms for industry and warehousing utilizes the natural stable underground temperature and the low coefficient of heat transfer existing naturally in the lithosperic materials of the subsurface environment. The small amount of energy usage required to adapt and maintain an underground site at temperatures compatible to industrial use as compared to the energy usage required to maintain identical temperatures in a surface structure results in a considerable net savings in energy. Missouri leads the nation in the variety and number of uses being made of the subsurface mined areas and is contributing modestly but significantly to self-reliance in our nation's use of energy.

The further study of subsurface space usage as an energy saving measure is indicated.

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2nd Annual UMR-MEC Conference on Energy (1975: Oct. 7-9, Rolla, MO)

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Energy Management

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09 Oct 1975