While the food industry as a whole uses only about 5 per cent of total manufacturing energy, we at Ralston Purina Company recognize our dependence upon energy and the importance of a strong energy management program. Last year, as part of this program, we established and implemented an energy conservation program designed to identify opportunities for conservation.

The major thrust of this program has been directed at manufacturing facilities where usages can be traced, wastes detected, and appropriate action taken. These are separate from a general overall corporate effort to make employees more energy conscious in every phase of their duties.

Manufacturing facilities are surveyed by a conservation team. From these surveys, economic evaluations are made to determine justification of adding heat recovery equipment on steam generators, changes are reviewed in production procedures to optimize energy usage, and improved maintenance procedures are evaluated to eliminate waste.

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2nd Annual UMR-MEC Conference on Energy (1975: Oct. 7-9, Rolla, MO)

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Energy Management

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09 Oct 1975