You have heard for the last two days and will hear tomorrow relative to energy what people are planning, what is being researched, what is proposed, what is possible, what is being tested, etc. I would like to tell you what each of us must do relative to energy. I hope you will excuse me for being presumptuous….

The message might better be called a plea -- a plea from one person committed to the great- ness of this country and more importantly, committed to its survival in its present form….

We are in a crisis….Never before have we run out of an energy source; we shifted from wood to coal when there was lots of wood left (although England did run out); we then went from coal to oil and natural gas and we still have lots of coal. We now can see the end of some energy resources -- oil and natural gas.

Each of us must individually and collectively look for new ways to improve the ways we use energy and how we create it….

If all of us do not pitch in, this crisis could bring us as a nation to our knees. Do any of you want that? I think not. Then go conserve, innovate and get involved! Welcome to the front lines!

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5th Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy (1978: Oct. 10-12, Rolla, MO)

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12 Oct 1978