It is self-evident that energy is that kind of power which generates and sustains a vital, dynamic, complex, industrial, social organism. Considered in and of itself, "energy" is not the kind of power we commonly call "political!' But in less than a decade, we have seen how rapidly and easily "energy" has been turned into an instrument for generating and sustaining a form of political power as pervasive and far reaching in its vital effects as energy itself. Those in an officially-sanctioned position to devise, impose and enforce an "energy policy" for a nation or a globe of humankind. As an educator, I find the level of public information about available resources , exaggerated claims about alternatives like the sun and wind and tides -- indeed the entire level of public debate and media coverage to be a matter for national embarrassment

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5th Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy (1978: Oct. 10-12, Rolla, MO)

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12 Oct 1978

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