In line with the then emerging air pollution control regulations Union Electric installed a limestone injection wet scrubber sulfur dioxide removal system on an intermediate size coal-fired utility boiler at its Meramec Power Plant on an experimental basis in September, 1968. During approximately 3 years of operation many difficulties were encountered with plugging and scaling of various system components by calcium sulphate. As a result of this experience along with related experiences by other utilities employing similar systems, the experiment was terminated in June,1971.

As a result of the experiences gained, however, second generation experiments in sulfur dioxide removal have been initiated elsewhere with the hope of improved performance. A number of experimental projects are still under tests. Costs in resources, reliability and disposal of residual by-products are matters of great concern.

The true cost of sulfur dioxide removal systems in dollars and resources is not well known and perhaps a reevaluation of current and future SO2 removal projects is in order at this time before additional resources are committed.

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1st UMR-MEC Conference on Energy Resources (1974: Apr. 24-26, Rolla, MO)

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Environmental Impacts of Power Generator Stations

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