The design and construction of a cold storage facility for use with wind power is described. The facility includes a 10-kilowatt wind generator, a cold storage building, a vapor-compression refrigeration system, and a thermal storage unit. The building is designed for storage of 1000 bushels (18,000 kg) of apples and is insulated to minimize energy requirements. The refrigeration system has a three-horsepower d.c. motor-driven compressor with Freon 12 refrigerant. Thermal storage is accomplished with a total of 90, 2.13-m (7-ft) long, 152-mm (six-inch) diameter pipes filled with water and a small amount of ethylene glycol. When power from the wind is sufficient, heat is removed from the solution which then acts as a thermal storage for periods when wind energy is unavailable. The freezing point of the ethylene glycol/ water mixture is adjusted to provide the latent heat of fusion at the temperature desired in the storage room. The design analysis of the complete system included a study of the storage requirements for apples, the cooling load calculations for the building, specifications of the system components, and thermal storage requirements. Operation of the system, with apples stored in the facility, began on March 7, 1978.

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5th Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy (1978: Oct. 10-12, Rolla, MO)

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Wind Energy

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12 Oct 1978

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