A simple theoretical analysis is presented which allows the optimum performance to be predicted for venturi-type wind-energy concentrators. The results of the analysis are presented in convenient parametric form in such a manner that, for example, the influence on optimum performance of reducing the outlet area of the exit diffuser, an obvious means of reducing the bulk and cost of a venturi-type concentrator, can be established directly from the curves. It is shown that the most important parameters affecting concentrator performance are: the effectiveness of the exit diffuser, the area ratio of that diffuser and the magnitude of the base-drag coefficient applicable at the diffuser exit plane. It was found that base-drag has the beneficial effect of lowering, below that of the surroundings, the static pressure prevailing at the outlet end of a concentrator.

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5th Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy (1978: Oct. 10-12, Rolla, MO)

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Article - Conference proceedings


Wind Energy

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12 Oct 1978

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