This paper presents the importance and need for coal gasification to the homeowner in light of the available alternatives. The status of coal gasification and announced projects are outlined citing the regulatory and financial problems which have caused unnecessary and unreasonable delays. Present energy systems are compared showing the efficiency and cost advantages of natural gas to the consumer over electricity. Energy projections stress the importance of coal and nuclear energy for the future. In this regard, utilization of U.S. coal resources for coal gasification and electric power generation are compared. These comparisons show that synthetic gas from coal is less expensive, more efficient, and less capital intensive than electricity made from the same coal for the residential consumer and point out the need for homeowners to question the legislative and regulatory dawdling going on and insist the new synthetic gas industry be supported and launched.

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4th Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy (1977: Oct. 11-13, Rolla, MO)

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Article - Conference proceedings


Solar Energy

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13 Oct 1977