April 25, 1974

Events of the last few months, it seems, have somewhat altered the public countenance of the coal industry. These events, I am sure, are the generating factors focusing interest on our industry currently, and I suspect they account for my invitation to address this distinguished group of engineering students today on the subject of coal in this nation's energy outlook.

Coal Mining is not a new industry - - it has been around a long, long time. A surprising number of people, though, have never seen any coal; they are not aware of the existence of the industry, or its relationship to the overall energy picture of the United States.

I have assumed that most of you are concerned about the energy crisis as it touches you, personally, but I hope your interest is broader than that. Many people have asked the question, "If the energy crisis is for real, why didn't someone warn us? "Well, if you are like most other people, you don't read everything in the newspapers or in the several weekly news magazines. All of us are inclined to pass over those items and articles that don't directly affect us in our daily lives. I can tell you that the warnings have been there, publicly stated, printed and reprinted.

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1st UMR-MEC Conference on Energy Resources (1974: Apr. 24-26, Rolla, MO)

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Chemical Energy

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26 Apr 1974