This research is concerned with the initial investigation of two innovative concepts in wind energy conversion turbines. The first concept is a vortex concentrator, a device which creates a strong vortex in the ambient wind. The energy per unit area in the vortex region is much higher than for the undisturbed wind, allowing the energy to be more efficiently converted to more useful forms. The second concept is a vertical axis wind turbine which uses straight blades composed of airfoil shapes having high efficiency. This would be attained by using circulation controlled (c.c.) airfoils for the blades; these airfoils contain slots near the rounded trailing edges through which a small amount of compressed air is blown to obtain high lift forces. Straight blades allow cyclic pitch control, as well as locating each blade element at a larger radius from the shaft so that maximum rotor torque is produced.

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3rd Annual UMR-MEC Conference on Energy (1976: Oct. 12-14, Rolla, MO)

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Article - Conference proceedings


Wind and Solar Energy II

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12 Oct 1976