UMR Journal -- V. H. McNutt Colloquium Series

UMR Journal -- V. H. McNutt Colloquium Series

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01 Jun 1971


This article pinpoints the various facets that the US Military experienced in Petroleum Operations in the Arctic environment Since the Military were the pioneers in Arctic operations, this experience could prove invaluable if and when the TAPS pipeline is constructed. The article deals primarily with various problems which beset the pipeliners during the initial construction phases and the peculiarities experienced during operations. A slightly different aspect will be experienced, however, when the Oil Industry moves relatively hot crude oil through the pipelines with TAPS since the Military moved only clean product.

The article addresses above ground pipeline operations, problems encountered with the enigmatic permafrost, summer and winter rapid temperature changes, cold soaked equipment operations, and seismic impact on a Petroleum Installation during earth tremors. The premise of the Article is that man can control environment to a great extent if he can change his environmental, approach to any given situation.

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